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Model Number: Q4KL2BQ280001
Q4KL2BQ280001 DC Micro Motor – Coreless with Brushes

4 mm | 3.0 V | DC Micro Motor – Coreless with Brushes

The Q4KL2BQ280001 is part of our line of 4mm diameter DC micro-motors that use of precious metal brush contacts. This model it the largest 4mm we manufacture and produces the most torque. With a stall torque of 0.48 g.cm and a no load speed of 28330 RPM, this motor is suited for such applications as micro-drones and locking mechanisms. Custom lead lengths and RPM speeds are available.

Summary Of Specifications
Diameter (mm): 4.0
Body (mm): 11.0
Overall (mm): 15.2
Shaft Length (mm): 4.2
Shaft Diameter (mm): 0.7
Rated Voltage (Vdc): 3.0
Operating Voltage (Vdc): 2.2~3.6