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Model Number: C0720B088L

7mm x 2.1mm | 3 V | Coin Vibration Motor

The C0720B088L coin vibration motor has a unique interconnection method that greatly simplifies mass production.   The contact pads under the vibration motor mate with corresponding PCB mounted, ultra-small Spring Finger Contacts.  These spring contacts are available on tape /reels for easy SMD assembly.   This coin motor is typically mounted in a molded pocket of the device, and held in place by  the supplied double stick tape.  If this motor is too small, we can employ this solution with larger sized motors, however, tooling fees may apply.  



Summary Of Specifications
Technology Type: BRUSH
Diameter (mm): 7.0
Thickness (mm): 2.1
Rated Voltage (Vdc): 3.0
Operating Voltage (Vdc): 2.5~3.5
Rated Current MAX (mA): 55
Typical Current (mA): 48
Rise Time (ms) MAX *: 90
Fall Time (ms) MAX *: 50
Rated Speed (rpm): 10000
Vibration Force (G): 0.15
* at 50% of Maximum G force
C0720B088L FPC Coin Vibration Motor Drawing

This part is not authorized for Life Supporting Devices
None of the products offered for sale by us are authorized for use in any device that:

  1. is surgically implanted into the body
  2. supports or sustains life, and whose failure to perform as per our specification,
    may result in serious injury or death of the user.

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