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Model Number: W0825AB001G
W0825AB001G BLDC Coin Vibration Motor

8mm x 2.5mm | 3 V | BLDC Coin Vibration Motor

The W0825AB00G brushless BLDC coin vibration motor is ideal for Hi-Rel applications or those with high duty cycles. A driver IC is built imbedded within the motor, so no external driver IC is required. Apply DC voltage as you would a normal brushed DC motor. Voltage polarity must be observed or you will damage the internal driver IC. For MOQ: 1K pcs, we can supply custom lead lengths as well as connector. For MOQ: 5K pcs custom FPC's can be supplied.

Summary Of Specifications
Technology Type: BLDC
Diameter (mm): 8.0
Thickness (mm): 2.5
Rated Voltage (Vdc): 3.0
Operating Voltage (Vdc): 2.5~3.6
Rated Current MAX (mA): 90
Typical Current (mA): 80
Rise Time (ms) MAX *: 70
Fall Time (ms) MAX *: 90
Rated Speed (rpm): 15000
Vibration Force (G): 1.00
* at 50% of Maximum G force
W0825AB001G mechanical drawing

This part is not authorized for Life Supporting Devices
None of the products offered for sale by us are authorized for use in any device that:

  1. is surgically implanted into the body
  2. supports or sustains life, and whose failure to perform as per our specification,
    may result in serious injury or death of the user.

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