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Jinlong is one of China’s oldest & largest manufacturers of coin vibration motors and LRA used for haptic feedback in products such as cellular phones & wearables. With  over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience, Jinlong is recognized for manufacturing high quality, reliable and competitively priced products. We manufacture coin vibration motors in a variety of different technologies including ERM, Linear Resonant Actuators (LRA) and BLDC brushless. Three China / Vietnam based manufacturing facilities have the capacity to manufacture over 250 million vibration motor and LRA coin linear vibration motor annually.


The use of ERM vibration motors was pioneered by Motorola and Namiki in 1984 with the introduction of this feature in the BPR-2000 numeric display pager which employed a simple but powerful 10mm diameter, brush type, cylindrical ERM vibration motor. This motor was used as an unobtrusive  “Silent Alert” and was an expensive option,  not a standard feature.  Since then motor prices have dropped dramatically and haptic feedback is expected as a standard device feature.  New technologies such as low current coin type linear resonant actuators (LRA), and BLDC brushless coin vibration motors offer high MTBF and motor lifetimes that exceed 1,000,000 cycles. Our products are typically used as actuators to generate haptic feedback in many diverse applications such as cellphones, wearables, display panels and augmented / virtual reality hardware. Our Coreless DC Micro Motors are used in everything from drones to electronic locks used in hotels. Our DC micro motors can be used in any low torque drive application.


If one of our standard vibration motors does not meet your requirements, depending on the quantities you require, we may be able to offer you:

  • adding connectors
  • custom wire lengths
  • custom mounting brackets
  • custom electrical / mech. specs
  • custom silicone rubber boots
  • custom motor capsules
  • custom flexible printed circuits
  • custom shafts & counter weights

Please contact us with your requirements for a custom vibrating motor.