Jinlong Machinery & Electronics
Model Number: LVM061930B
X-Axis Linear Resonant Actuator LRA Vibration Motor  LVM061930B by KOTL Jinlong Machinery

6 x 19 x 3 mm | 2 Vrms | 200hz | LRA X-Axis Type

Our LV061930B is our largest rectangular LRA that vibrates along its X-axis. As shown, it has double stick adhesive on both sides and a rubber foam pad on 1 side. For orders of 1K pcs+, it can be ordered with or without tape / foam. Custom lead lengths and FPC's are available as well.

This part is not authorized for Life Supporting Devices
None of the products offered for sale by us are authorized for use in any device that:

  1. is surgically implanted into the body
  2. supports or sustains life, and whose failure to perform as per our specification,
    may result in serious injury or death of the user.