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We are China's largest vibration motor / DC micro motor manufacturer with over 25 years of design and manufacturing experience. Our KOTL brand of coin vibration motors and LRA's are widely recognized by engineers for their high quality and low price. We have 4 production facilities producing over 250 million motors and LRA's annually for some of the largest companies in the world. Our commitment to providing you with the most innovative products and services is second to none.


The use of ERM vibration motors in personal electronic devices was first pioneered by Motorola in 1984 with the introduction of this feature in their BPR-2000 pager. Today there are innovations such as low current coin type linear resonant actuators LRA, and BLDC coin vibration motors which offer high reliability in a very small package size. These are typically used as actuators in haptic feedback applications and for basic vibration alert functions. Our Coreless DC Micro Motors are used in everything from drones to electronic locks used in hotels. Our DC micro motors can be used in any low torque drive application.


If one of our standard vibration motors does not meet your requirements, depending on the quantities you require, we may be able to offer you:

Please contact us with your requirements for a custom vibrating motor.